Feb 1, 2005

ARTICLES: A New Way to See RFID in Asia

How can the RFID reader be able to read all of the tags every time is often a significant problem in RFID application. China Elite Technology Co. Ltd (CET) has developed a new solution named swivel reader which rotated pair of antennas to settle this problem.......

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Nov 20, 2004

EVENTS: CET to Introduce RFID CRM Solution at the IT Solutions Expo

Please visit our booth in the EPC/RFID Pavilion (Booth#J01) at the Asia Pacific IT Solutions Expo 2004, to be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Expo Centre December 8-11, 2004.......

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August 10, 2004


CET announced that they are will soon begin shipping custom-encapsulated RFID tags based on the Royal Philips ICODE protocol. ......

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