Artwork Requirements

Standard Card Size
86 mm X 54 mm
Artwork Image Size
No less than 87.5 mm X 55.5mm
No less than 1.5 mm if you require your image to extend to the edge of the card
150 Line Screen
Recommend to use 300dpi for artworks
300 dpi or higher
Design Software

Photoshop -       .psd, .eps, .jpg, .tif, .bmp (CMYK)

Illustrator -         .ai, .pdf

Coral Draw -       .cdr

Freehand -         .fh10

* Additional jpg file is required for sales reference.


Please include all printer and screen fonts used in your artwork.

If you're positive that we won't have to amend your file, you can convert all type to curves or outlines.

Please include all of your placed or imported images.