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May 10, 2006

NEWS: CET introduces reprintable smart cards

An evolution in smart card technology, this technology lets users see what's in the card.

CET  showed samples of their reprintable smart cards at the Cards Asia 2006 expo in Singapore. This innovative product is a natural evolution for the smart card, as more consumers have come to adopt the technology. The reprintable card takes a regular contactless smart card, and adds a new technology to the surface allowing users to print, and reprint information on to the surface of the card up to 300 hundred times.

The benefit to card carriers is immediate and high impact. "Now card users can 'see' what the value remaining on their card is. It lets them know when to top up or when to collect prizes, and saves them the hassle of going to a special balance machine to check," says Harriet Chan, Business Development Director of CET.

This new technology greatly enhances the usability of smart cards and many retailers administering loyalty programs or epurse functions have expressed interest.

CET has begun production of these cards and plans to offer this product in volume by the 3rd quarter of 2006.

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